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George is interested in the history of Arms and Armor, both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view. He is a professional level photographer and the items presented here are photos from collections around the world.

Click on the thumbnail picture to see a large view and sometimes comments. Some medium size views have large versions also. Click on the picture to download, but it may take some time.

Generally speaking, they are grouped by geographic area which also have historical associations. North America includes both Indian and industrial products. Afghanistan to Egypt is another group. Southeast Asia includes Indonesia, the Philippines and the Malay peninsula. There are also subject groupings. These decisions are rather arbitrary and at the discretion of the editor. We hope that the viewer understands this is for convenience and does not reflect any political opinions.



The Caucasus

Western Europe

Near East

Southeast Asia

North America

China and Tibet


Indian Subcontinent








Saturday Afternoon at George's

Fred, Jack, Joe, Paul, Walt
and, as usual, George behind the camera.

George's health precludes any further corrospondence. This is an educational site and nothing shown is for sale. In most cases the current location is unknown.

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