Madeleine Carroll

Madeleine Carroll was born in England in 1906. After University, she worked as a French teacher and model before going on the stage and later movies. After staring in The 39 Steps and Secret Agent for Hitchcock, she moved to Hollywood in 1936 and became an American citizen in 1943. Her sister was killed in the London Blitz and she returned to England to work in war relief. After the war she only made occasional stage or movie appearances before retiring. She worked for UNESCO and other charitable groups. Died in Spain in 1987.


Presidential Medal of Freedom French Legion of Honor
Presidential Medal of Freedom
America's Highest Civilian Award
French Legion of Honor
Awarded for her selfless service.

Chateau - Orphanage

Carroll Chateau M. Carroll  with orphans.
Madelaine Carroll's Chateau
Used for 300 orphans
Madelaine Carroll with Orphans

Movie Stills

Lloyds of London I Was a Spy
Lloyds of London I Was A Spy
Carroll Chateau Secret Agent
39 Steps The Case Against Mrs. Ames
Safari Prinsoner of Zenda
Safari Prinsoner of Zenda

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