Chromolithographs of Russian Arms and Armor

Cover of Vol. III
"In 1854 there was published in Imperial Russia a set of chromolithographs and a separate descriptive text, titled "Antiquities of the Russian Empire". The work was begun at the behest of Tsar Alexander II and illustrated the historic art treasures stored in the Kremlin. This set consisted of several sections, one of which was devoted to arms and armor. German chromolithographers, who produced the best quality work at that time, worked in concert with Russian Academicians and artists. The size of the plates was approximately 15"x20". From a master color art-work of the item, done with extreme fidelity, there are made several lithographs (on stone). Each is inked with a chosen color. The paper is brought into registry on the first stone and that color is transferred to its surface under high pressure. The process is repeated using the other stones and colors. Thus, a full color image is produced. Toulouse Lautrec used this technique for printing his multicolor posters This process was used just before the invention of the half-tone printing process used with the photographic image."

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