Japanese Kanji Charts and Mon

The images below link to large images to enable zooming in on individual characters. The top chart contains characters used in name signatures of swordsmiths and their titles, followed by a numerical index. The third and fourth charts show the old names of provinces - which may also be found as part of the signature. The last chart is of mon (family crests) which may be found on mountings and armor.

When you view the images individually, the browser will compress it to fit into the window. Click on the image and it will change to a one pixel equals one pixel uncompressed display. You can scroll to the character(s) of interest and get good detail. Click again and it will toggle to window fit mode. I have tested this with Firefox, Chrome and IE and all three work the same. Other or older browsers may be different.

Click on any chart for a larger image. Most browsers can then zoom in for a full size view. Scroll vertically and/or horizontally to find the character of interest.

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China and Tibet Central Asia India, Nepal, Sri Lanka
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