Jack: This is a great example of damascus steel. I am also sending you a copy of a patent disclosure on a modern method of making true Damascus steel.


Editors Note: The following paragraph is from the patent disclosure by Verhoeven and Pendray. See also the following detail of the above khanjar.

So-called Damascus steel swords were known from around the seventh century onward and dominated warfare for centuries as a result of their good toughness in combination with their outstanding cutting ability. The name derives from the fact that these swords were first encountered by Europeans in Damascus Syria. Damascus steel swords were regarded as a thing of beauty as a result of their unique surface pattern, FIG. 1, and as a thing of mystery as a result of the inability of early Europeans to reproduce the swords despite efforts to this end over the last two centuries. Damascus steel swords are still regarded in this manner as evidenced by continuing efforts up to the present time to determine the methodology used to produce the swords.

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