Sainted Theoktist
Archbishop of Novgorod


Sainted Theoktist, was hegumen of the Annunciation monastery near Novgorod. After the death of archbishop Clement in 1300, the people of Novgorod chose him as their Vladyka, after which he was ordained as bishop of Novgorod. One of his main labors was the renovation and building of churches. The monastery of Valaamo was retored under his guidance. In 1307, because of poor health, he withdrew to the Annunciation monastery where he lived for the remainder of his days in the ascetic deed of silence. Because of the miracuous healings by his relics, his glorification was made in 1664. In 1786 the relics of the saint were transferred to Yur'ev, where archimandrite Photii constructed a chapel in his honor at the local cathedral. He is commemorated on December 23, January 23.


Microscopic Inspection

Dear Jack,

A friend dropped over yesterday and I photographed a small icon he had gotten since his previous visit. Its construction is interesting, since I had not previously encountered one such. There are no proof marks. It was a piece made for the consecration of a church at Uriev, and honoring a certain Russian saint, Theoktist.

The piece is about 2" high. The front part is of thin sheet metal (presumably silver) which, apparently, had been formed with a well detailed steel die (how else would one get such fine detail?). All its edges had been turned backward to form a very shallow 'box-like' structure. Into this 'box' was inserted the back side (about 1/16" thick, and probably of silver) which may have been a precision (lost wax?) casting. The box edges were then folded inward to keep the back side locked into the 'box', and these edges were soldered shut all around the perimeter. The solder is quite soft, and may not be silver-solder, although it has the bright look of silver, and might well be that metal. Irregularities of the 'box' edges, visible solder, etc. were then removed with a fine file, its marks remaining in places.

All of this had been deduced after inspecting the piece through a 35x stereo microscope, the above details not being discernible to the eye. Microscopists please note.

Thought I'd share the info.


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