Tsuneshige Tsuba

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An allegorical theme showing that the ridiculous Namban can never get the best of Japan or its cherished traditions, which the Ho-O bird represents. What think you? Any ideas? This theme appears on several tsuba.


Since the time I sent you my original conjectures on the bow hunting theme theme shown on the Tsuneshige tsuba, I had a telecon with Bob H. He identified the hunter as a Japanese gentleman, dressed in the 'standard' hunting dress of old Japan. The grass-woven hat with the crown tassel was typical of the period. As a matter of fact, Bob H. had one such hat which he gave to Fred M.! This hat is not of the same style as that shown on the Mongolian archer depicted on the Joi tsuba. The mystery of the Tsuneshige bow hunter seems to have been solved at last.



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