Walter Ufer
(1876 - 1936)

Summer in Taos
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Born in Louisville, Kentucky, the son of a German gunsmith and engraver, Walter Ufer became one of the most successful and famous of the Taos Society artists. Ufer moved to New Mexico soon after he made his first trip to Taos in 1914, at the age of 38. Although he had been a studio artist, the brilliant sunlight and vivid landscapes of the West soon converted him to plain-air painting. He brightened the colors of his palette and became known for his light-filled oils of the Pueblo Indians and the Taos Valley countryside.

An energetic, outspoken and uninhibited individual, Walter Ufer began his career as a commercial illustrator. He was able to capture the light of New Mexico as he moved from his studio to the outdoors, following the techniques of the French Impressionists. Ufer sometimes portrayed the Indian in genre scenes, unlike the idealized portrayals of Couse and Phillips. He felt that painting Indians in costumes of the past had been overdone and chose to concentrate on a more up-to-date version of Pueblo life.

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