Nicholas Robertovich Wiren

Record of Service of

Corvette Captain (Lieutenant Commander) Nicholas Robertovich WIREN. (Imperial Russian Navy.)

Promoted to Midshipman after completing education at the Naval School in Petrograd. May 1907.

On board the cruiser “SLAVA” in the Mediterranean. May 1907-Apr.1908.

Promoted to the rank of Ship-of-the-line Ensign. April 1908.

Assigned on board the cruiser “ROSTISLAV” and to the class of Officers of Navigation of the Black Sea. May 1908.

Transferred to the battleship “TCHERNOMORETZ” (as Navigator) stationed in Greece. April 1908.

Transferred to the cruiser “Panteleimon”. June 1910.

Promoted to the rank of Ship-of-the-line Lieutenant. June 1911.

Detached to the School of Aeronautics in Petrograd. Sept 1911.

Graduated from school with top grades. August 1912.

Transferred to the School of Military Aviation in Sevastopol. August 1912.

Graduated the school with membership in Military Pilot-Aviator (le brevet de Pilote-Aviateur Militaire) and obtained membership in the Imperial Russian Aero-Club as member No. 127. November 1912.

Assigned to the Naval Aviation of the Black Sea and appointed as a Commander of an aviation squadron. October 1912.

At the beginning of the war was appointed Commander of air squadrons on board the cruiser “ALEXANDER II”. June 1914.

Member of the Russian Naval Aviation Mission at London and Paris. Dec.1915-March 1918.

Promoted to the rank of Capitaine de Corvette (Corvette Captain; Lieutenant Commander). June 1916 as a volunteer offering his service to the Government of England but was unable to be assigned, being a foreign national. Jan.1918.

In the United States March 1918-June 1919; as Naval Minister of the Government of Admiral Kolchak in Siberia. June 1919-Feb. 1920.

Returned to England. June 1920.

Student-secretary, Methodist Alliance (?) in Prague May 1921 up to now.


  • Cavalier of the Order of St. Vladimir, 4th class, with swords.
  • Cavalier of the Order of St. Stanislav, 2nd and 3rd class.
  • Cavalier of the Order of St. Anne, 4th class. (On Navy Kortik)
  • Cavalier of the Greek Order of the Savior, 5th class.
  • Cavalier of the Order of the Rumanian Star, 5th class.

Wiren Kolodka

Came to the U.S.A. with Captain V. Dibovsky, Russian Navy, by the invitation of the U.S.A. Government (Col. McFarland, War Office, Ordnance Dept.) for the demonstration of Capt. Dibovsky’s machine gun improvements (increase of fire, etc.). Was working for 3-4 months at Colt factory at Hartford, Conn., and demonstrated the invention at Springfield, Conn.

Speaks: Russian, English, French, a little German and Czech.

Russian Naval Attache, Captain L. Mishtoff, Washington, D.C.
John Stewart Bryan, Esq., (publisher of ) [The] News Leaders, Richmond, Va.
John C. Wilkinson, Superintendent, Social Service Dta (?), Methodist Mission, Prague.

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N. Wiren’s godmother was the Queen of Greece. He married Nina at the chapel in Connecticut shown at: Village Chapel.

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